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Did you know your heating and cooling system is the largest consumer
of energy in your home? Today’s Furnaces, Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps
use 30% to 50% less energy than heating and cooling systems installed in
the 80′s. Updating your system can lower your long term monthly utility bills
by reducing your energy consumption. A Higher SEER System not only protects
the environment by wasting less of our natural resources, it also SAVES YOU MONEY
by it’s more efficient operation and usage over the life cycle of the equipment.

Purchasing a new comfort system is a major investment for your home.
Arming yourself with the facts can help ensure that you will purchase
the most energy-efficient equipment to help heat and cool your family’s
home. When shopping for a new comfort system, the most important
thing is not the lowest price, or even who manufactures the equipment.
It is the company who performs the installation and stands behind the
quality of their workmanship. Since we specialize in residential and
small business rooftop replacement systems, we have the knowledge
and experience to help you make these important decisions.

Let us prove to you why upgrading and installing a new heating and cooling
system is your best choice and the SMART INVESTMENT FOR YOUR HOME.

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Mike’s & Sappio’s Heating & Air Conditioning serves the Wichita, KS area.
Need heating and air conditioning service? We specialize in the installation,
repair and maintenance of furnaces, air conditioners and air conditioning repair,
heat pumps, heating and cooling equipment, heating repair and furnace repair.
We service and repair all brands of furnaces, ac units, air conditioners, heaters,
air conditioning. We also perform furnace and air conditioning system maintenance
on all brands of heating and air conditioning equipment. Heating and Cooling Wichita!

For Wichita area heating and air conditioning repair services or installation, heating
and cooling repair or replacement, air conditioning repair, ac repair, air conditioner
repair, air conditioning, furnace repair or replacement, gas furnace, heat pump
repair, furnace repair, heating and air conditioning equipment, geothermal repair
or replacement – Contact Mike’s & Sappio’s Heating & Air Conditioning for Outstanding
Warranty Protection on your heating and air equipment installation and service repairs.

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