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Repair VS Replacement








All of us at Mike’s & Sappio’s understand how important it is to keep
up on the latest technology. That is why our Service Techs are
factory-trained and attend maintenance training programs
throughout the year. It is our goal to keep you comfortable. Our service
trucks are stocked with the most common parts needed to take care
of your heating and cooling needs.

We use flat rate pricing on all repairs, and charge
by the job, NOT by the hour. Once your problem has been
diagnosed, we will give you an estimate for repairs.
If we are called back to your home within 30 days of service, you will
pay nothing for the return trip charge.

We offer Free Second Opinions on cracked Heat Exchangers in
your furnace, or a Bad Compressor in your air conditioning unit.

To take care of your Heating and Cooling needs, we back our repairs
with a 1 Year Warranty on ANY REPLACEMENT PART installed in your
heating and cooling system. Let us show you why thousands of Customers
have chosen Mike’s & Sappio’s for their heating and cooling needs.
*Warranty applies only to mechanical parts.
Maintenance, refrigerant and filters excluded.

Did you know your heating and cooling system is the largest consumer
of energy in your home? Your system needs a regular checkup just like
your car does, no matter what brand or type of system you have.
For such an important piece of equipment, an HVAC system often
doesn’t receive the regular attention that it needs to operate properly.
When that happens, the expense of repair and replacement can
become overwhelming. A bi-annual checkup of your unit can
eliminate the most common preventable problems before they
have a chance to take a bite out of your budget. However, even the
best maintenance can’t prevent all problems from occurring due to age.
Planned Maintenance service on your system will maximize the life
of your investment.







Mike’s & Sappio’s Heating & Air Conditioning serves the Wichita, KS area.
Need heating and air conditioning service? We specialize in the installation,
repair and maintenance of furnaces, air conditioners and air conditioning repair,
heat pumps, heating and cooling equipment, heating repair and furnace repair.
We service and repair all brands of furnaces, ac units, air conditioners, heaters,
air conditioning. We also perform furnace and air conditioning system maintenance
on all brands of heating and air conditioning equipment.

For Wichita area heating and air conditioning repair services or installation, heating
and cooling repair or replacement, air conditioning repair, ac repair, air conditioner
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repair, furnace repair, heating and air conditioning equipment, geothermal repair
or replacement – Contact Mike’s & Sappio’s Heating & Air Conditioning for Outstanding
Warranty Protection on your heating and air equipment installation and service repairs.

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